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Chili Pepper Ranch Wagyu Beef is something special and only available in limited quantities. 

Our cattle are raised on grass and grain fed diet that is bespoke to the ranch and was created 

after many years of testing to resulting in one of the most unique profiles you can experience.


We maintain strict quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakable 

commitment to sustainable agriculture. It's our mission to provide to you the best 

culinary products for cooking, eating and entertaining.


 Wagyu beef is unique in its high concentrations of beneficial omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This particular dissolving fat makes for the juiciest, richest steak in the world.


Wagyu beef has a buttery flavor and melt in your mouth texture that is like no other meat. 


To produce a low volume of high quality naturally fed

Wagyu beef for cooking, eating and entertaining.

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Wagyu is, quite simply, the most sought after beef in the world -- and the subject of much confusion, thanks to the frequent misuse of the term "Kobe beef" in this country.

The Japanese word Wagyu translates as “Wa” meaning “our” or “Japanese” and “Gyu” meaning “Cattle”.

Although the name Wagyu refers to all Japanese cattle, it has become synonymous in the USA with Japan’s famous Kobe Beef. Kobe is the capitol of the Hyogo region of Japan which is in the ancient Tajima province where selective breeding as well as traditional Japanese handling and feeding of Wagyu cattle has resulted in the finest and most expensive beef found anywhere in the world.

Decadent, Rich, Juicy, &Healthy.

The marbling, flavor, color and texture of Wagyu beef makes for an incredible culinary experience, and in this case what’s incredibly good to eat can be better for your health than any other beef.

At Chili Pepper Ranch our goal is to provide a genetic and environmental atmosphere that ultimately results in Wagyu beef comparable to the rich, finely marbled Kobe Beef from Japan and meets or exceeds Certified Angus Beef Standards.

Our Cattle are genetically direct descendants from the original Japanese Kobe cattle brought to the USA.  

Our cattle are hand-picked, fed and are raised in Apison Tennessee.



Jim Osborn; Owner/Operator
Tel: 423-238-6003 ext. 1

Haley Padgett; Facility Manager

Tel: 423-238-6003 ext. 3

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